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Corchran, Inc.

By Listening

Some fabricators take orders. Others supply solutions. At Corchran, we listen to our customers. We know what our customers expect, and we deliver.

With Ingenuity

Knowing what our customer is looking for and totally understanding metal fabrication means that we can come up with unique, creative, innovative solutions that deliver value.

With Improvement

Using Continuous Quality Improvement methods, we’ll keep improving in both product quality and operating efficiencies. ISO 9001 certification demonstrates our compliance with internationally accepted quality standards.

Through Teamwork

Corchran has been doing business as an ESOP since 1988. With an ESOP, all of our employees acquire ownership rights in the company and share in the benefits related to the success of the business. When Corchran wins, everybody wins.

We Will Succeed

When people collaborate, cooperate, and innovate together, the result is success.  Pride in craftsmanship and a job well done is how we operate. At the end of the day, this is what keeps Corchran ahead of the competition.