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Corchran is an industry leader in metal fabrication services. We take pride in our full service capabilities, including laser cutting, punching, shearing, press forming, robotic welding, machining, painting, and equipment assembly. Click any Image to review or download a .pdf description of our equipment.


Corchran, Inc. Equipment List

Corchran offers the highest quality metal fabrication services by combining advanced technology and innovation. We offer CNC laser cutting, punching, forming,and machining, certified robotic welding, shot blasting, painting, equipment assembly, and more. We stay up-to-date and competitive with the most current innovations in metal fabrication equipment, technology, and methodology.


Bystronic Expert Press Brake

The Bystronic Expert Press Brake is the top of the range machine manufactured by Bystronic. It is capable of forming a wide range of material types, widths and thicknesses while keeping the form angle consistent. The Expert offers the highest repetition accuracy of any press brake on the market.


Trumpf Trumatic 600L Laserpress

This state-of-the-art machine combines two proven technologies into one machine. This combination machine includes a hydraulic punching head integrated with an 1800 watt laser cutting system. This allows holes and shapes to be punched quickly with standard tooling, and complex inside and outside contours accomplished by laser cutting.


Strippit/LVD Impuls 3020

The Strippit/LVD Impuls 3020 offers the advantage of being able to cut materials and profiles which are impossible by traditional cutting methods. The Impuls is a computerized numerically controlled laser machine for cutting flat sheet metal and steel plate. This machine incorporates a "flying optic" design, where the plate being cut remains stationary on the table and the laser cutting head moves over it.


Trumpf TrumaBend Press Brake

The TrumaBend precision CNC press brake is designed to offer more flexibility, quicker setup and faster production capabilities that are required in today's JIT manufacturing environment. It incorporates a unique machine design, multi-axis high-speed back gauges, and powerful user-friendly CNC controls. The precision ground and laser hardened tooling system significantly minimizes tool change time.



Trumpf Trumatic TC2020R Punching Center

The Trumpf Trumatic 2020R is a highly flexible fabrication system tailored to meet tough market requirements. New technology allows improved competitiveness, making the punching operation easier, more efficient and cost effective. Small and large quantities in a variety of materials can be produced cost effectively, with short throughput times. The automatic material handling feature allows for material loading and unloading operations without operator intervention.

Durma Hydraulic Shear

Durma Hydraulic Shear

The Durma Model DHGM 4013 hydraulic shear incorporates a swing beam mechanism, which is designed to withstand the loads of continuous use at maximum capacity. The Durma Shear incorporates a fixed, low angle cutting rake to optimize cut quality,“ and when combined with the adjustable blade gap feature, it allows thinner steel sheets, as well as thicker steel plates, to be cut with extreme accuracy and reliability.


Panasonic Robotic Welding System

The Panasonic Robotic Welding System incorporates a Panasonic Model VR-006 AL II, 6-axis welding robot, together with a Panasonic HM-350 Dip Pulse Welding Power Source with Artificial Intelligence and two Panasonic DICE Servo Robotic Headstock - Tailstock Positioners. The system components are specifically designed to perform as one unit.


Haas TM-1 CNC Toolroom Mill

The Haas Model TM-1 Toolroom Mill combines the functionality and simplicity of a manual mill with the power and flexibility of advanced CNC control. A 10-station automatic tool changer allows tool-to-tool changes in an average of 5.7 seconds. Haas TM-1 CNC Toolroom Mill This versatile mill incorporates three operational modes:

Full CNC
Full manual with digital readout
Combined manual/CNC


Haas VF-4 Vertical Machining Center

The Haas Model VF-4 CNC Vertical Machining Center is American made and designed to provide a wide range of high speed, precision machining operations. Incorporating a side-mounted tool changer with 24 tool positions, tool-to-tool changes can be made in 2.8 seconds. This quick-change feature contributes to reduced setup times, increased production and significant cost savings.


Romer CimCore

The CimCore 3000i portable articulating arm, coordinate measurement system is a powerful tool for 3-dimensional digitizing, inspection and reverse engineering. Its lightweight design and portability allow for easy inspection of work pieces on the shop floor or in the metrology lab.